South African Rugby League

South African Rugby League
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Welcome to the South African Rugby League match Official Organization.
Match officials are an essential part of the game of Rugby League. Whether it be refereeing the world cup final or an under 11 game once a month, the game would not function without match officials.
The programme the RFL runs for match officials starts from the moment someone takes their first steps as an official and continues all the way until they are no longer involved in the game. Rugby League in South Africa also allows a lot of room for volunteers, which will be used in different aspects of the game.

When becoming a Match Official or a Rugby League touch Judge, you do not only make the decision to invest your time in one of the best growing sports in the country, but you also invest in yourself for personal development. Match officials are proud people with confidence and good people skills. You also maintain a high level of fitness and good health. And off cource the nicest part of it all, you always have the best seat in the house being closer to the action than anyone else. The opportunities when becoming a Match Official is endless, from ground level right up to International matches, and we allow you from day one to set your targets to what level you want to achieve and then help you to achieve that level being the best you can be.

Anyone wanting to become a match official must firstly attend one of the suite of courses offered. You always start off with a set of three courses namely the Introduction cource, the Foundation cource and the Touch Judge Cource. After these three courses you have a clear understanding of the game of Rugby League. This is done in a 7 hour period. So can be completed in one day.
After this level you would have your Level 1 cource which is a two day cource theoretical law interpretations.
After this level you would do your Level 2 cource which is also a two day practical cource, and the exam for this cource is the practical officiating of matches.
If you are on a satisfied level after enough Practical Experience you would be nominated to right the Level 3 exam, to get on the Provincial Level. And will also be nominated to go and do the International exams.

For the talented match officials there is an opportunity to access the pathway and become involved in officiating in professional games. To become a match official on the performance pathway officials need to be selected by showing talent at local…