Rugby Players’ Uniforms

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Rugby is a dynamic and entertaining sport that requires good training and excellent physical shape – not everyone can play it, and only a few achieve success. The rules for professional or amateur rugby contain a number of equipment requirements. Since the game of rugby is dangerous for injuries, athletes wear special uniforms and protective equipment during training and matches. There are certain criteria for ammunition. You will find all the necessary information in this article.

Its main task is to maintain the health of players and the ability to protect them from injury. The rugby uniform includes compression boxers, a T-shirt (jersey), shorts, socks and boots. A protection kit consisting of the following elements is included separately:

  • support (elbow and knee pads), made of elastic materials;
  • shin guards, maximum thickness – 0.5 cm, products are complemented with soft fabric, worn over socks;
  • helmet;
  • shoulder pads;
  • protective dental guard gloves.
rugby players
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A rugby player’s basic clothing may already include some form of protection. For example, rugby jerseys have protectors on the shoulders, chest, and back. T-shirts without protective elements are also made, but with internal pockets into which you can insert separately purchased protection.

Important! The equipment of professional athletes must comply with the standards of the International Rugby Federation, that is, be marked. If athletes are wearing the wrong uniform and protection, they will not be allowed to play.

A reliable outfit supplier

You can purchase a modern uniform for playing rugby at the Nike equipment center, where they can offer you favorable terms of cooperation and short lead times. The clothes are made from high-quality synthetic materials that fit the entire body, allowing the skin to breathe. Sometimes, athletes use elastic bands to prevent injury, such as an ankle injury. However, such a bandage should in no case hinder movement or interfere with full play.

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Nike’s rugby kit comes in a variety of colors. It can be standard or personalized, with logos, team names, numbers and names of rugby players. Sponsor logos are also often placed on T-shirts and shorts. Inscriptions, numbers, and emblems on rugby jerseys are applied using sublimation printing, which is why they do not change their shape.