The right choice of equipment for mountaineering

mountain climber
Photo by Dustin Bowdige on Unsplash

The beauty of the mountains is fascinating, it has always attracted and will attract people. Someone just likes to admire their majestic beauty, and someone does not have enough – they want to climb the peaks.

Those who got into the mountaineering section regularly go to training, participate in club life and by the beginning of the summer season, most likely, do not ask the question: where and with whom to go to the mountains, and what to take with you? You should be sent a list of things that you will need, but you will not be told exactly what characteristics they should be.


For a trip to the climbing camps, you will need two backpacks – a large cargo and a small assault. You will load both backpacks on the road, and in the mountains, you will go to the approach with a large one, with an assault one – to climb.

man standing near mountain
Photo by Sheshan R on Unsplash

Sleeping pad

There are different types of travel mats.

  • Mat made of polyurethane foam. The most unpretentious – such a pad can be laid on sharp stones.
  • Self-inflating. Inside the cover made of dense material is a porous foam, which in the straightened state sucks air and fills the space between the cells with it.
  • Inflatable Alpin Loacker mats. When rolled up, they are the size of a liter flask of water. There is no foam inside the inflatable mat, only air serves as a heat insulator, sometimes fluff is added, and the insulation level depends on the thickness of the mat.

Sleeping bag

With the same weight of the filler, the fluff still has higher thermal insulation properties. But the advantage of synthetic insulation is that it dries faster and warms even when wet. Therefore, everyone decides for himself which one suits him best.


It must necessarily be from a piece of the main rope. You can simply buy 4 meters of speakers with a diameter of 9-10 mm, or use ready-made self-insurance, which is convenient because you do not need to tie knots every time.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Crampons are one of the most commonly used types of equipment in the mountains. Moreover, few novice climbers think that they will have to move not only on ice, but also on scree slopes and even rocky areas. Automatic and semi–automatic machines can be worn only on climbing boots with welts, and soft crampons – on any shoes, up to sneakers.

This is an incomplete list of what you will need, but some details that may cause difficulties have been sorted out.