How to Make Camping in the Car More Comfortable

sunrise while car camping
Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

It is not always possible to have the time, energy and opportunity to set up camp for the night on a road trip. Sometimes they arrive at the place in the dead of night. Finally, camping in a car is more economical and allows you not to waste time installing and assembling your camp.

Sleeping place

Owners of jeeps, pickups, hatchbacks and minivans will usually have no problems with this. But as practice shows, you can provide enough space for sleeping in almost any car.

It is also possible to arrange a sleeping place directly on the roof of the car, for this you will need a special mount for a car tent and the car tent itself.

tourist car roof house
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If you are going on a long trip to an unknown area, it is better to protect yourself and take a gun with you. You can attach the gun in the car to the Sofhold magnet for the gun. So it will be at your fingertips, but it will not interfere with enjoying your vacation. The gun will not only be able to protect you from wildlife, but also in extreme cases will help to get food.

Additional storage space

If there is not enough space in the trunk, then you can attach an additional trunk to the roof of the car. Put things there that are not valuable, because if you leave the car in the parking lot unattended, thieves can easily open this trunk.

bicycles are attached to a yellow jeep
Photo by SaiKrishna Saketh Yellapragada on Unsplash

Take bicycles or skis with you

They can be transported on special mounts on the roof or towbar of the car. If during the trip you plan to stay somewhere for a couple of nights, then the car settles down and stays in the parking lot, and you can ride bicycles to the store or get water. If you go in winter, you can go skiing, exploring the nature around you.

There are many more car accessories that will make you camping much more comfortable than you can imagine.