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October 21, 2019
Changing of the Super Rugby

We work with a wide range of rugby clubs in New Zealand. They all offer a warm welcome and superb facilities, so whatever your standard you’ll fit in perfectly!

Club structure

Our New Zealand rugby clubs have lots of teams. You can expect:

- 5-7 senior men's teams
- Active women's sections at most clubs
- 2-3 Colts teams

Top teams at each club play in the highest provincial leagues, whereas lower level teams are focused more on having fun.

Matches and training

You’ll train 2-3 times a week with matches played at the weekends. Clubs have lots of pitches and most teams’ matches will kick off at 3pm. Everyone then gathers in the clubhouse afterwards for post-match drinks. Most participants will play Colts rugby. The Colts competitions are taken seriously by the clubs and offer an excellent standard of rugby. If you play for your club’s Colts First team, you’ll play with and against New Zealand’s top schoolboy players, some of whom are part of Super 15 academies.

Off the pitch

With so many members, your club will be a hive of social activity. There’ll be drinks after training and matches, plus social events throughout the season. Many clubs also arrange pre-season tours - a great chance to get to know your team mates whilst exploring a new part of New Zealand.

Rugby development

Our clubs are selected for their high quality coaching and facilities, helping you to return home as a much-improved player.

…and finally

New Zealand’s a beautiful country, famous for its rugby, so what are you waiting for?

Working Overseas

Sport Lived will help you attain part time work to enhance your CV and boosting your bank balance. Working overseas will help you meet new people and provide more structure to your time away.

Top tips for getting work:

  • Plan the type of work you'd like to obtain
  • Gain relevant work experience
  • Prepare a CV and have two references
  • Be proactive

Employment options:

  • Café/bar work: sociable environment
  • Office work: good rates of pay
  • Coaching: fulfilling and well paid
  • Work experience: boost your CV

Working in New Zealand

You’ll be living close to lots of employment options like offices, shops, bars and restaurants. Your sport club may also help you to find coaching work, whilst your mentor will provide guidance on working in New Zealand

Career Enhancing Experiences

Your Sport Lived adventure is the perfect time to get work experience and demonstrate the skills that universities and future employers look for - your Sport Lived work experience will help set you apart.

Independence & initiative

Sport Lived will provide loads of help when you're looking for part-time work but ultimately it's down to you to get out there and make it happen. Showing a prospective employer that you've managed to find, secure and maintain a job in an overseas country is highly impressive.


Teamwork is at the heart of the Sport Lived experience. Living, playing and training alongside a new group of friends is a great way to develop strong social skills and show that you're a real team player.

Personal development

Joining a new sports club, living in an overseas city and securing a job are exciting challenges that will enable you to grow as an individual, leaving you ready to tackle whatever lies ahead after your Sport Lived experience.

Work experience

Living overseas is a great time to think about gaining invaluable work experience in a field you're considering as a career. Sport Lived participants have volunteered in hospitals, law firms and newspaper offices. Such work demonstrates commitment and initiative.

Social Life

Making the most of your time away

Travelling to the other side of the world to play sport is a truly once in a lifetime experience. So all Sport Lived programmes are designed to make sure that both your sporting life, and your social life, are as action packed and exciting as possible. That’s why you’ll always get…

Social events with Sport Lived

The cities you can visit with Sport Lived are some of the most exciting and welcoming on the planet, and there always seems to be something interesting going on. So to help you make the most of your time away, our local staff organise social events like trips to top sporting occasions, surfing lessons, welcome dinners and loads more besides. They’ll also try to assist you get tickets to events you want to watch while you're away, and give you expert advice on the best things to see and do in the city.

Membership of a local sports club

One of the best things about travelling with Sport Lived is that we arrange for you to join a local sports club. We handpick clubs with lots of members and different teams - some of whom have regular social events. Some clubs may offer preseason tours, and in the past some clubs have organised welcome events for new players. Trust us, you’ll feel like an old hand within a few days and the other members will make sure there’s never a dull moment!

A great place to stay in the centre of town

We offer programmes in some fantastic cities, and we know that to make the most of your time away, you need to be right in the centre of the action. So we make sure that your accommodation is in the heart of the city - just a short walk away from all the best cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and pretty much anything else you’ll ever need.

Daniel Carter to leave New Zealand Rugby at end of 2015
Daniel Carter to leave New Zealand Rugby at end of 2015
JP NEL-New Zealand Rugby Season 2015
JP NEL-New Zealand Rugby Season 2015
Kayde Fisher - New Zealand Rugby Season 2015
Kayde Fisher - New Zealand Rugby Season 2015
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